Title: Come and Get Your Love
Artist: Redbone
Album: OST Guardians of the Galaxy
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (edited from credits)

keyblxde said:
knocks over the american flag on accident.

cue disappointed look

what did the flag ever do to you except give you FREEDOM?

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"I could say something inappropriate but I won’t.
Just know that spicy food is the best food.”

❝  i’d ask how you could
           possibly say something inappropriate about that, but

           i’m not so sure i want to know. hmmm. i don’t know,
           jim.  i don’t think i can agree with you on that.  spicy
           food’s  fine  and  all,  but  it’s  definitely not the best.   

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“Yeah. It’s great one everything. Especially spicy
tuna rolls if they’re done right. Like… Licking
fire, according to some people but I enjoy it a lot.”


❝  why am i not surprised.
           i think you might just one of the few in the world who do.  

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❝ so, you’re the man in
the tights i’ve been hearin‘
about? gotta say, they do fit nicely. ❞


❝ i — ? i’m afraid
         i don’t know your name, miss … ?   

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"When people die, depending on how they die, they can become violent spirits and they’ll take it out on basically anyone they can get their hands on. Recently, a bunch of people have been dying in the same apartment complex and if I burn these bones, people will stop dying.”



❝  you mean to
           tell me that a ghost is killing

           people?  and the only way to
           stop it is  to…burn the bones
           of  this person who died first.   

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& wingshead.


                                       &   there’s some  CAUTIOUSNESS, for the 
             other  foretold   yet primary / firsthand  encounter  ,      the  
             [    SOLDIER   ]   seems one to turn to,  if he be an avenger  
             as hoped.   &    a  statement   SUDDEN   ;    
                                         ❛     has thor told you of his  …  news ?
                                         of his   LOST   powers ?         

steve had paused in his steps a while ago,  once  he saw the blonde tailing him.  he
didn’t know who she was,  or what she was here for —  but her question caught him
off-guard and made him cautious. thor losing his powers - losing the ability to wield
mjolnir  -  wasn’t surprising to hear to steve ( he’d been there for it, after all ),  but it
wasn’t widespread knowledge, either. so instead of answering the question —

❝  it depends on who’s asking.
                                                               are you another asgardian?   

it was a far-off and fat chance of it, but her armor definitely looked familiar enough.

[  ID :// ???  ]

" ———— do you believe in ghosts?"


❝  … ghosts.
          i  don’t see what that has

                to do with any of this.