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          ❝ no, the line was charming. not very you but 
                you get an a+ for effort. believe it or not steve, 
                you  don’t  have to do  much to  impress me. 
                i  really  like how  awkward  you  can be…now 
                say something nice about me. 

   ah, well — i tried.  but gee, thanks … i guess.
          the twenty first century’s a lot more different than i
          thought,  if  ’awkward’  is  a compliment nowadays.
          something nice about you?  hmmmm.  well, you’re
          demanding.  that counts, right? since  awkward  is
                                                           on the table and all.  

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   i’m still really sorry about before.   

it had been weeks since the incident - since they first met. and while steve had apologized and rogue had moved past it - the tiny, festering scrap of guilt had ceased to go away. they were on better terms now, thank god — good enough that steve found himself able to lean down and press a fond kiss to rogue’s forehead.

it wasn’t condescending or patronizing in any way, but a sign that steve was comfortable enough to show that kind of affection to rogue (and in the hopes that she wouldn’t punch him or tell him to back off).

   i’ve still gotta  make  it up to you,
          so anytime i can help out, with whatever
                          … you know where to find me.   

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  • 17: RAIN KISS

steve pulled away from the kiss slowly, a little dazed and off-balance after suddenly finding lips on his own. his hands rested on meg’s waist, fingers barely touching the wet fabric of her sweater, and he blinked away a few raindrops to look at her.

there was silence for a momentary beat, before steve gave her a tentative smile.

   you know, when people get stuck in
          the rain,  they usually try and get out of it.   

his lips were still pulled up in that small, soft smile, and he stepped in close again, brushing the wet forelock of her hair out of her face.

   i’ve gotta say, though.
          i  think  i like your idea better.   

✿ :|
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  • 7: FIRM KISS

steve, try as he might, was running out of words to say and ideas to use in order to make her understand. this argument between them was like fire, and if steve wasn’t careful, it’d burn everything they’d built in its path. (and maybe it wouldn’t just stop there, either.) he was low on options, and steve —

steve did the only thing he could think of, that would accurately sum up what he felt; what he thought; what he knew.

his fingers skittered across her cheeks, pads of his thumbs pressing onto her jaw but his hold gentle and careful, and he leaned in, pausing when their noses touched to look at her. he wasn’t going to do anything she didn’t want, after all. but after a second when she didn’t shove him away, he kissed her, firmly. it wasn’t gentle, but it wasn’t rough. there was friction, and he moved his mouth a little, one hand skimming down to hover over her waist before he pulled away and —

   is that good enough? i meant what i said, you
          know. everything.  about you. and i wouldn’t take
          any of it back.

dxamondsx said:
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Steve didn’t get to see Rachel a lot these days. Between what happened with the Serpent Society and their falling out, and the past few years bringing about increasingly more difficult and threatening enemies … Contact with her had just … fallen apart.

It was definitely a regret of his, the way things ended between them. They were different people from each other back then, but the Steve of today was a different man from the Steve of back then, too.

Only thing was, after a few weeks of spending time with Rachel again, it was safe to say his romantic inclination towards her had never gone away. It was bringing up a lot of feelings that Steve had pushed back in his mind.

Steve glanced over at her from the corner of his eye, fists shoved deep in the pockets of his open jacket. He could feel a smile tugging onto his lips at the sight of her and, before he could really think about it, he leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek.

And then he leaned back, looking a little startled himself at what he’d done.

 Sorry. ❞  he murmured, sounding a little bit flustered and displeased with himself. they’d been having a good time — and he’d probably just ruined things. made it awkward. 

                 ❝   i didn’t mean to — i’m sorry.
                                                that was inappropriate.   

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  • 1: aggressive kiss
  • 2: all over kiss
  • 3: back kiss
  • 4: cheek kiss
  • 5: eyelid kiss
  • 6: fingers kiss
  • 7: firm kiss
  • 8: first kiss
  • 9: forehead kiss
  • 10: french kiss
  • 11: gentle kiss
  • 12: ghost kiss
  • 13: hand kiss
  • 14: jawline kiss
  • 15: last kiss
  • 16: neck kiss
  • 17: rain kiss
  • 18: stomach kiss
  • 19: underwater kiss
  • 20: upside down kiss



          ❝ oh really? well tell me one thing. since when is
                steve rogers  such a  smooth  talker? if  i  like  the 
                answer, i’ll let you take off my pants with your hands. 

   is that what i am now? didn’t realize it.  i uh.  i
          was kinda just hoping it’d work? figured stumbling
          my  way  through  a  sentence  wasn’t exactly the
          best way to go when trying to impress you. guess
                 a line wasn’t so great of an idea, either, huh?   



"No, I’m just surprised to see you that’s all."
Rachel pauses, eyeing him carefully.
“You checking up on me, Steve?”

   guess i did drop on by pretty suddenly.
          and if by ‘check up on’ you, you mean seeing
          how you’re  doing and wanting to catch up …
                                                                   then yes.    

he wasn’t here to play spy, or worm any information out of her.